House Inspection in the High Country

5 Reasons Why You Need a Home Inspection

Why do you need a home inspection? A thorough home inspection from a top-rate home inspector will help you understand the overall condition of your new home. It also helps you plan financially for what may come in the future. Check-Mate Inspections, LLC, is your one-stop shop for comprehensive High Country home inspections. Below are five reasons why you need a home inspection. Schedule a home inspection today.

1. You learn about the home before you buy

There are many things to consider. However, not all of those things are visible when you first walk in. You might love the paint color or cabinets in the kitchen, but what about the plumbing? 

Many things that are both seen and unseen should inform your decision on your purchase. Bringing a professional home inspector into the decision will set you up for success. 

Far too often, we hear stories about folks who have chosen to forgo the inspection process and end up purchasing a home that wasn’t in the condition they initially perceived. Even if the purchase is an “as-is” situation, don’t rush the process and skip the inspection. Know as much as you can about the house before you buy. 

House Inspection in the High Country

2. It helps you understand the mechanics of the home

After purchasing a home, you can easily forget that houses have all sorts of systems and parts that all work together to help you live comfortably. 

Understanding the mechanics of how your home works will better prepare you for repairs and maintenance. How efficient is the home’s heating and cooling? What type of water supply does the home have? How is the home’s electrical system connected and laid out? A professional home inspector is prepared to find an answer to all these questions! 

You need to understand the mechanics of how the home works before you purchase.

3. It may help you save thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars

When looking at a new home, you want to fully understand the costs associated with the home. You’re already spending thousands of dollars on the home. You don’t want to add even more to that because of unforeseen expenses. 

When you receive a home inspection, you will be informed of any repairs that need to happen. These repairs can sometimes be worked into the negotiation price by offsetting the cost of repair. When things need simple maintenance, you may be able to resolve it yourself because you know what needs to happen.


4. It helps mitigate the risks of a home purchase

Assessing the risk in a home purchase is essential. As mentioned previously, home ownership is an exciting thing to move towards, but don’t let that excitement rush you into a bad situation. 

Bringing a home inspector into the property assures you that you won’t be walking into an undercover disaster. The average person won’t know what to look for when assessing foundational strength, structural integrity, plumbing, and electrical issues. 

If you bypass a home inspection, you are putting yourself at risk of purchasing a house that needs serious repairs without your knowledge. This could cause you both emotional and financial stress. Be aware of the risks associated with the home you are viewing.

5. It will help you understand future maintenance needs

Owning a home comes with regular maintenance. Filters that need changing, breakers that need flipping, and valves that need checking. This is just a part of home ownership! You can make this less stressful by getting a home inspection. 

You’ll better understand where all those things are located and what regular maintenance looks like. Understanding future maintenance will make approaching each scenario less stressful and intimidating. It allows you to enjoy your new home and feel prepared!

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